Nigeria assessed as ‘Extreme Risk’ to VIOLENT Protests and predicted to have significant UNREST this year

Nigeria assessed as ‘Extreme Risk’ to VIOLENT Protests and predicted to have significant UNREST this year

Analysts predict that Nigeria will see significant violence and demonstrations break-out this year, according to a report published today.

The report stated that Nigeria saw significant rise in protests in 2019. However, data published by socio-economic and political analysis firm Verisk Maplecroft, predicted that this year will see worse unrest.

Cities across Nigeria are now considered hotbeds of civil protest.

The report authors state that, ‘the pent-up rage that has boiled over into street protests over the past year has caught Nigeria government by surprise’.

Even if the root causes of the unrest are tackled immediately, ‘most of the grievances are deeply entrenched and would take years to address’, the report said.

During the current administration, Biafra agitations, Shiites protests about their jailed leader, El-Zakzaky and other aggrieved groups in the country will not relent in the coming months.

Local Commentators have accused the Head of Government, Muhammadu Buhari of fiddling while Nigeria burns, by not engaging in the solution to these issues

Maplecroft’s report said a country like Nigeria ‘rich in natural resources where mining and energy projects’ often need high levels of protection and could face ‘complicity’ if they hire private security firms.

Embattled Nigeria President has been accused of ‘fiddling while Nigeria Crashes and Burns’

An ‘extreme risk’ rating in the index, which measures the risks to business, reflects the highest possible threat of transport disruption, damage to company assets and physical risks to employees from violent unrest. Most sectors, ranging across mining, energy, tourism, retail and financial services, have felt the impacts over the past year.

The resulting disruption to business, national economies and investment worldwide has totalled in the billions of US dollars. This will impact on Nigeria’s economy which contracted last year

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