Hackathon To Tackle Technology Deficit With Tech Solutions in Ihitte Uboma

Hackathon To Tackle Technology Deficit With Tech Solutions in Ihitte Uboma

A new hackathon launching this week, Ihitte Uboma Technology Forward Hackathon 2020 is set to take on the battle against technology deficit in Ihitte Uboma. The six-day hackathon will host participants from Ihitte Uboma’s youth ecosystem who will offer innovative solutions, create initiatives between 12th to the 18th of July, 2020.

Themed “Hack the future 2020” the event is inviting participants to use hardware, software and content to develop prototypes that explore next-generation innovative solutions and create initiatives – occurring over a 6 day period.

Over 40 teams with more than 1000 participants are expected to register their ideas. They focus will be in the areas of Agritech, Fintech, Medtech and Edtech.

The Hackathon is an initiative of Igbo.live and Invest Nigeria in conjunction with Ihitte Uboma Youth Forum.

The team with the winning project on the 18th of July, 2020 stands to receive more than ₦70,000 in cash and prizes plus the opportunity to pitch their idea to Invest Nigeria Investors for grants to ₦200,000. The second prize is ₦30,000. Additionally, there is an outstanding individual prize of ₦35,000 for the best individual idea and presentation.

This event is the inaugural Hackathon and expected to produce ideas and or prototypes to be developed for the benefit of the society.

The publisher of igbo.live, James Emmanuel said “It is going to be exciting to see projects that will benefit the society and be developed into pipelines”

The director of Invest Nigeria, Felix Nwokocha said “This exciting developments will help FDI investors explore partnership opportunities with the winning ideas and projects”

The president of Ihitte Uboma Youth Forum, Kingsley Kesaandu Kenkwo said “This Ihitte Uboma Technology Forward Hackathon 2020 is much needed to galvanise our youth to come up with solutions that can be implemented at pace to help our society”

Participants can access the event registration at https://www.eventbrite.com/x/ihitte-uboma-technology-forward-hackathon-2020-tickets-108443593708

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